Monday, September 10, 2012

Bloomsbury Cemetery, NJ

Union Valley Methodist Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Monroe, NJ

This is why I take photos of graves. I got an email from woman who found this post about Union Valley Cemetery in Monroe, NJ. Her husband is a member of the Dey family( Pronounced 'Die' ) and many of his ancestors are buried here. She told me she occasionally does a search on it because the cemetery had been previously threatened by a developer to have the graves moved and if that happened she wanted to make sure she knew where they went. She was so grateful that I had taken these photos. I gave her some more information about the cemetery which had recently been cleaned up by a local boy scout troop, when it was over grown with weeds. I helped her by loading some of the photos on the Find a Grave profile she had created for it. I am so thrilled that my hobby of taking graveyard pics has been helpful to her. Here is the Find a Grave link:  Union Valley Methodist Presbyterian Cemetery