Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Presbyterian Church/Graveyard --Patriots Week

The church first congregated in 1712. The original church building built in 1726. Torn down in 1805, and rebuilt in current spot on the property where it is actually standing on early grave sites. According to a church pamphlet:
" The second building of First Church is dedicated 17 August 1806, The building was made of brick: 48 ft by 60 ft, with a tower in front with a 4 by 10 ft spire. The cost was $10,820.00. The interior contained 72 pews on the main floor and 36 pews in the gallery. Forty-six pews were rented for $14.oo per year. The gallery was free, with one side reserved for "people of colour". During this year, First Presbyterian assumed full support of its minister. Up to now, the Trenton Church had shared the services and support of its ministers with the "Country Church " Ewing, NJ (this sister church is in danger of being torn down )
and with Maidenhead -- now Lawrenceville, NJ. Salary was set at $800 per year."

Revolutionary War era church members buried in the church yard:

Rev James Armstrong Died 19 Jan 1816, Reverend of First Presb. Trenton and Maidenhead (Lawrence) for 30 years.

Gen John Beatty Died 30 May 1826, Also a medical doctor and member of the legislature.

Dr. Nicholas de Belleville Died 17 Dec 1831.

Robert Bethi

Joseph Broadhurst

Alexander Chambers Died 16 Sept. 1798

Robert Chambers

William Chambers

Ebenezer Cowell Died 4 May 1799

John Cowell

James Ewing Died 23 October 1823

Moore Furman, First Mayor of Trenton appointed in 1792

Ellet Howell

Abraham Hunt Died 27 October 1821. Trenton Postmaster

Joseph Palmer

The Reverand John Rosbourgh, Chaplain killed in Revolutionary War

William Roscoe Died 9 October 1808

The Reverend Elihu Spencer(Died 27 Dec 1784) and Mrs Joanna Spencer (Died 1 Nov 1791)

Isaac Smith Died 29 August 1807. Chief Justice under the articles of Confederation.

Samuel Tucker, Esq Died 14 January 1789

William Tucker Died 16 Jan 1790

The First Church's first pastor, Rev. Dr. David Cowell is buried under these three stones:

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