Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Presbyterian Church/Graveyard --Patriots Week

I went today to the First Presbyterian Church on State Street in Trenton: , as part of Patriots week: .
They were having on-going tours of the church and graveyard and discussion of the church and its extensive history.

I took some photos of the stones, some of which are lining the front walk and others which are actually in the wall of the church. I went inside the church and the Pastor was talking about some of the historical figures who were members of the church and showing artifacts that are part the church's collection. I asked him about the stones in the path by the front steps and he said that those people are actually buried underneath the building. He was explaining that once when there was a problem with termites and the floor of the church had to be torn up and there were stones under the floor. I think I felt my heart stopped for a moment when he said that. He showed me two child's stones that were small enough to be lifted. The rest unfortunately had to be covered back up again.

** These four stones in the wall of the church are the burial places of Robert, Fransina, Abner and Mary Chambers. The Chambers family 'gave' their name to the Chambersburg section of Trenton.

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